“The Board of Directors of the Association has decided to suspend all activities aimed at achieving the aims of the association, starting from January 2014. The suspension is determined mainly by severe difficulties in finding sufficient resources and focus needed for the planning of future events for pupils in elementary grades in different countries. The Board of Directors could not establish a deadline for the suspension of activity, which is intended to be for an indefinite period of time. On this occasion we would like to thank all the individuals, associations, companies, and non-profit organizations that, starting from the birth of Peter Pat, have made efforts to help both financially and otherwise, so that the Association could achieve its objectives. Their efforts proved their meaning in the successful event that brought together pupils from Italy and Albania in May 2013”.

Please click here to read the diary of the beautiful Peter Pat week with the Istituto Morosini and Skender Caci.

Welcome to Peter Pat!

My dear Friends,

and this includes those of you who are visiting this web site for the first time, I would like to take few moments to tell you about how Peter Pat was established, because it is something that has matured inside me and, now that the Peter Pat is a reality, I would like to share it with all of you.

The idea came to me one day during my lunch break, while I was with my colleagues, who are also real friends of mine, whom I have known them for years. As we were talking, a thought came into my mind, maybe a little bit confused, but very clear in its essence: "I would like to gather around a table, children from different countries and cultures so they can meet and get to know each other".

There are already lots of good charities which help children in developing countries and donate goods or assist them in other ways, but I wanted to do something which could help children in a different way. I would like the children of today will become the adults of tomorrow in a world where it will be easier to listen and to understand each other, regardless of where they will decide to live even if it is either in their own country or another one.

At the beginning I wanted to name the association "Lunch Hour Colleagues", but then I realised that this would not be an easy name for children, not easy to translate in different languages and especially not tailored for children.

After playing with a few other names, Peter Pat came to my mind, which is a combination of my admiration for the Peter Pan character, and the name Pat which is how usually lots of people call me. Peter Pat is an easy name for children to remember.

For me this whole adventure, which started on that particular day when I was having lunch together with my friends Luciana, Andrea, Marius, Michael, Paolo and Stefano, it will always have a special feeling.

Welcome to Peter Pat!

Patrizia firma

Peter Pat is dedicated to my grandmother Maria, my grandmother Rosa, my grandfather (mother's side) Giuseppe and my grandfather (father's side) Giuseppe. Their determination to conduct their lives with dignity, sacrifice and simplicity is the main lesson which they passed onto my parents and them to me.